Diving the Infidel

The Infidel is a squid purse seiner that sank in 2006 in about 150 feet of water off the southeastern tip of Santa Catalina Island. It is a small-ish wreck that sits upright in the sand and is a fun dive to do and you can cover the wreck in 30 minutes or so without accumulating too much deco. There is a little bit of penetration but not much.

Scorpionfish hanging out at the bow

I dove the wreck with Ben Lair and Drew Wilson. Ben brought down a couple 15k lumen Big Blue lights and placed them in the bridge area and we all shot some cool photographs with the remote light. I was, once again, having issues with backscatter. 🙁

Here are some photos that I shot along with a few from Drew & Ben

Captains chair in the bridge
The bridge lit up
The glass on the bridge is still intact. This is with the 2 x 15k lumen lights in the bridge.
Drew’s picture of the lit-up bridge using the Sony A7RIII with the FE 16-35mm lens @ 16mm
Drew’s picture of the scorpion fish at the bow (using the Sony A7RIII)

All in all, a nice wreck and worth doing at least once if you are in the neighborhood.

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