Second Place (is better than a swift kick in the ass)!

On a whim, I entered the Marissa 2020 Photo Contest and I recently found out that I was the runner-up!

I submitted three photos to the contest:

Drew Wilson, who I’ve done a lot of diving with in the past year, won the contest (Congrats, Drew!).

He is a great diver and photographer. We have been working on a lot of wide-angle, natural light photos on the UB-88 as well. I’ve been the proverbial “light bitch” for a lot of those shots. 🙂

The picture of the USS Hogan was taken on July 29, 2020. I was diving on the Marissa with Tyler Stalter and DJ Mansfield that day and we had amazing visibility. We visited the Corsair that sits at about 130 feet deep as the second dive.

It was shot with my compact camera, the Panasonic LX-10 in a Nauticam housing with a Nauticam WWL-C wet lens and natural light. I wish I had had my Sony a6400 with the 10-18 lens when I took this picture!

USS Hogan (Panasonic LX-10, 1/80th, f/2.5, ISO 1600, WWL-C wetlens)

Here is a link to the rest of my dive report for the USS Hogan.

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