The benefits of having “0/100” in the house…

NB: For the non-divers who subscribe, we use the format of “XX / YY” to denote the gas in a tank whereby XX is the percentage of Oxygen (O2) and YY is the percentage of Helium (He) — the remainder is assumed to be Nitrogen — and we put stickers on our tanks with that information.

So, any technical diver would know that “0/100” is pure helium .

I got up this morning and had a little fun in the garage!

Happy Valentines Day to everybody and Happy Birthday to my mom who just so happens to have been born on Valentines Day.

3 thoughts on “The benefits of having “0/100” in the house…

  1. Never heard of 0/100. Most common usage that I’m familiar with is 4.5 or 99.995—four nines and one five. Gas houses sell it as UHP or “ultra high pure.” Speaking of which, I need to go tomorrow to pick up more. The stuff is damn expensive nowadays. I hope your lady appreciates how much you gave up for her. 😉


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