Custom tank racks!

I have 5 sets of rebreather tanks (4 x 3L steel, 1 x 2L carbon fiber) and two drysuit inflation bottles. They used to just be strewn all over the place, usually shoved under my workbench cabinets:

Tanks, tanks, and more tanks

Custom tank racks

My brother’s hobby is to build “stuff” out of wood, steel, etc. The other day he asked me if I had any projects and I’ve been meaning to build some racks for my CCR tanks for a long time but I’m just not that good at woodworking.

I gave my brother the specs for the tanks and a sample tank and look what he custom built:

So sweet!

If you need anything similar, please reach out to me and I can put you in touch with him.

He lives here in Southern California and can custom build anything for any size tanks or other gear. As you can tell from some of the photos, the quality is very high. In the middle top photo above, you can see that there aren’t any exposed screws and it is very “clean” looking.

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