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Farnsworth Banks (Catalina — 60-200+ fsw)

Farnsworth Banks are a series of underwater sea-mounts about 1-2 miles off the shore of Catalina. They are a relatively famous dive site in Southern California but are a bit “out of the way” since they are on the backside of Catalina and about mid-way which means you need to go all the way around […]

Photogrammetry Workshop (Beta) Signup

I have decided to offer a three-day Photogrammetry Workshop. If there is enough demand, I will offer it multiple times during 2023. During the workshop, students will learn to take photos for a model and will build multiple models (both land based and under water) using Metashape software. The goal of the workshop is for […]

Steel Hull Working Boat (Pt Loma — 120 fsw)

Background Tyler had recently gone out diving with friends for his birthday. While they were heading to the dive site, he saw something on the sonar that looked interesting. After diving their original planned dive site, they jumped in to see what was at the target. They ended up finding a steel hull boat that […]

The Butterfly Effect : HMCS Yukon Model – Dive 5

Intro The “Butterfly Effect” is part of chaos theory in physics. The theory is that a small change in one state can result in large differences in a later state. The prototypical example is that a butterfly flapping its wings can result in a tornado. I ran into a “Butterfly Effect” between building the model […]


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