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“Full Stall Landing” — TBF-1C Avenger (Point Loma — 150 fsw)

Background We believe that we have located, dived and identified a new WW II TBF-1C Avenger (Bureau Number 24272) airplane wreck in Southern California off of Point Loma. A couple months ago, Tyler had a “breakthrough” on how to combine and overlay a few different disparate data sources in order to locate potential new targets. […]

IJN Iro (Palau — 120 fsw)

Background The Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) Iro was an oil tanker built in the early 1920s in Osaka, Japan. It is a relatively large wreck with a length of 470 feet and a beam of 58 feet. Unlike some of the other wrecks in Palau, the Iro was NOT a merchant ship that was converted […]

Palau Reefs & Walls

Palau has some fantastic reefs and walls. Below are some of the sites I visited during my Mar/Apr 2022 trip to Palau. One of the great aspects of Palau diving is that there is something for everyone, including wrecks, caves, shallow reefs, steep walls and a wide variety of sea life. This is a long […]

Teshio Maru (Palau — 80 fsw)

The Teshio is another converted Japanese merchant marine ship that sank during Operation Desecrate One. She is 321 feet long with a beam of 45 feet and offers ample opportunity for penetration and exploration. There are two large holds towards the bow from the superstructure which is slightly aft of amidships and two holds near […]


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