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The cheapest rebreather accessory you will ever buy…

The rEvo rebreather has a nice “bar” across the top to facilitate carrying the unit and securing it to the boat. I’ve seen people use all kinds of different methods to secure their rEvo to the boat. They include bungees around the 3L tanks that stick up (which doesn’t seem all that secure to me), […]

Solana Beach P-38 Update (Solana Beach — 180 fsw)

Original Post is here: P-38 Lightning “Skip Bombing Mission (Solana Beach, CA — 180 fsw) Based on the location and type of airplane and the fact that it was largely intact, we made an initial identification that we found a P-38 with BuNo 42-66617. We contacted the Air Force Historical Research Agency to get a […]

P-38 Lightning “Skip Bombing Mission” (Solana Beach, CA — 180 fsw)

About six months ago, Tyler sent me some bathymetry data of a possible target off Solana Beach and said “I’ve been looking at that target up there off Solana Beach. It’s in 180 looks aircraft or some weird rock reef but I was researching if any planes went down off the area.” One limiting factor […]

HMS Southwold L-10 Bow (Malta — 215 fsw)

I previously detailed the history of the Southwold wreck so I won’t repeat that. The bow section is about 300m / 1000 feet away from the stern section and is relatively deep so it really requires a second, separate dive. Below is a composite image from the original post as a reference (stern is on […]


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