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Runnin’ Down a Dream : USS Vammen (340 fsw) & USS Burns (260 fsw)

Yeah, I’m runnin’ down a dream That never would come to me Workin’ on a mystery, goin’ wherever it leads I’m runnin’ down a dream Tom Petty I’ve dreamed of diving the Vammen and the Burns for a very long time — just not both on the same day! This is a story of what […]

UB88 Orthomosaic + 14 Year Retrospective

Background The UB88 team first located and dove the UB88 sub in 2003. They did multiple dives on the wreck and produced both still pictures and videos. At some point, Gary Fabian took frames from the videos shot by John Walker and created a photo mosaic of the wreck: I’ve referred to this photo mosaic […]

Unknown Sport Fishing Vessel (San Diego, CA — 240 fsw)

Dive Plan Tyler had been looking at an anomaly in the data for a while but it was pretty deep and looked to be about 50 feet long. He had been planning to dive it for years but it just never worked out….until a couple days ago (15 Nov 2021). We weren’t sure what it […]

Malibu Ridge (Malibu, CA — 115-200+ fsw)

Background I got an invite from Kyaa & Ray @ Sundiver to join them and some friends to go do some “fun diving” on the Sundiver Express a few weeks ago. Since they were planning to head up to the Santa Monica Bay area, I figured it might be worthwhile to check out a few […]


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