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HMCS Yukon Prop Photogrammetry Model (San Diego — 105 fsw)

Intro As a follow-up to the post about the photogrammetry model of the Yukon guns, on the same dive I took a series of photos of the props and rudder (given that it is deeper, I actually took these pictures first). Interestingly enough, the two features I decided to document for models BOTH turned out […]

HMCS Yukon Guns Photogrammetry Model (San Diego, 105 fsw)

I won’t spend time describing the Yukon wreck since it is probably the most famous wreck in California. I’ve dived it a number of times and there are a lot of cool features. Probably the most well known and most often photographed are the guns on the forward section of the ship. They are massive. […]

Carbon Fiber Twins (or, maximizing bailout gas efficiency)

(NB: experienced technical rebreather divers might find this post “boring” while beginning technical divers might find it interesting and provide you something possibly new to think about and non-divers will probably just frown and wonder what am I talking about). 🙂 I don’t really know any technical divers who aren’t also “gear hounds.” I’ve lost […]

The Goose (Catalina Island, 200+ fsw)

Intro / Background I first read about the Grumman Goose at Catalina in an on-line article by Joe Dovala. It has been on my “hit list” ever since. I finally got a chance to dive it this past week. I have to admit, I think even with the increases in technology, Joe got better pictures […]


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