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Martin PBM Mariner (San Diego, 100+ fsw)

Background I had first heard about a PBM Mariner wing section from Steve Lawson last year. Since then, Tyler Stalter and I had spent quite a few days and dives trying to find the elusive wing and ended up empty handed on all of those dives. Tyler had been at it a lot longer trying […]

Presque Isle Dive Equipment

Diving and taking photos at the bell on the Typo wreck 180′ deep in 40F water (Photo Credit: Mel Clark) Background Quite a few people have asked about the equipment needed to safely dive and photograph wrecks that are 200 feet deep in 38-40F water at the bottom and with reasonably long (75-90 minute) decompression […]

WW II Airplane Junk Yard (Point Loma, CA — 200-240 fsw)

Background During my ill-fated trip to Bikini Atoll, we ended up diving quite a few WW II airplanes that had been dumped near Kwajalein Atoll. Tyler and I had seen some ROV footage of something similar off Point Loma and we decided to charter the Marissa with Lora and Chris to investigate and perform a […]

UB-88 Photogrammetry Project – Dives 6 & 7

Background In the ongoing project of building a complete, detailed photogrammetry model of the UB-88, Drew Wilson and I went back with Ray Arntz on the Sundiver for two more dives. On my previous dive, I completed the port and starboard hulls to complete the front half of the model. My goal on these two […]


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