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Infidel Photogrammetry Model (Catalina — 150 fsw)

After doing some searching for targets and doing a dive on an unknown boat near Hamilton Cove (more on that in another post), I figured it might be fun to go dive the Infidel. The last time I was there was July of 2020. We had such great visibility on the first dive of the […]

2021 Diving Recap (Top 10)

It has been another interesting year. Last year I posted a Top 10 Diving Recap so I thought I would do the same for 2021. I started private pilot lessons near the end of this year and I started reading Fate Is The Hunter which is a memoir by Ernest Gann about the early years […]

Unidentified Wing (San Diego, California)

A few months ago, Tyler and I were out with Lora on the Marissa and she said to us “hey, have I ever told you about the wing section that somebody found?” Tyler and I looked at each other with some confusion and jointly say “uhhhh, no!” So off we went to go find this […]

Quarry Rock Barge aka Yesteryear (Long Beach — 175 fsw)

Background After we did our dive on the UB-88, we moved to another close-by wreck site that has traditionally gone by the name “Yesteryear.” If I remember correctly, according to Ray Arntz, the moniker is based upon what fisherman used to call the site. This specific wreck is a bit of a mystery that we […]


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