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S.S. Norman (Lake Huron — 210 ffw)

Background The Norman was a large 300 foot long, 40 foot wide bulk freighter that was another victim of a collision in heavy fog — like so many other wrecks in the area. The Norman was built in 1890 by Globe Iron Works in Cleveland, Ohio and was one of the first propeller-driven steel tankers […]

S.S. Florida (Lake Huron — 200 ffw)

Background The Florida was built in 1889 in Buffalo. New York. It was was a large package freighter that carried a wide variety of cargo, including boxes, barrels, and also bulk cargo such as corn and coal. It was powered by a steam engine but was built at a time when steamships still had sails […]

Defiance (Lake Huron — 185 ffw)

Background I just returned from a dive trip with Mel Clark to the wrecks of Presque Isle which is near Rogers City, Michigan in the northern part of Lake Huron. I flew into Detroit airport and then drove about 4 hours north to stay in Rogers City for the week. We had mostly good weather […]

The Mercator (Santa Monica Bay, > 130 fsw)

Background We are relatively confident that we have located and identified the wreck of the Mercator in Santa Monica Bay. At this point, we believe that we are the first people to dive and identify the wreck. After I did an initial dive to investigate and document the wreck and a second dive with Tyler […]


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