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San Vito aka “Tuna Clipper” (Catalina — 175 fsw)

Justin Judd at the prop of the San Vito Intro This wreck is not visited very often as far as I can tell. Most references to the site are generically as the “Tuna Clipper.” However, the actual name of the vessel is the San Vito. It sank on Feb 18, 1985 on the West End […]

Sub Tower Photogrammetry Model & Videos (Catalina — 205 fsw)

I published the story and photos for the “Sub Tower” dive a little over a week ago. I just published two GoPro videos of the dive along with a photogrammetry model of the docking station portion of the structure: Sketchfab Photogrammetry Model: Vimeo GoPro footage Note that the below footage is just “raw” video without […]

The Nightingale (San Pedro — 145 fsw)

Tyler Stalter and I are very confident (99+%) that we have identified the origins and name of the un-identified wreck site that I dove back in July 2020 with Ray Arntz & Kyaa Heller on the Sundiver. We believe that it is the fishing vessel Nightingale that sank on Sept 9, 1930. The identification is […]

Sub Tower (Catalina — 205 fsw)

The “Sub Tower” is a classic deeper Catalina dive. It isn’t a big site and I personally believe it is under-rated, but we’ll “dive” into that… USS Thresher The submarine USS Thresher (SSN-593) was created to find and destroy Soviet submarines. It was the fastest and quietest submarine when she was launched on July 9th, […]


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