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This site is about our adventures in scuba diving – primarily technical wreck diving. We both share a passion for wreck diving and research. We got connected during Covid when I started doing more local diving and, since then, we have been working together on a lot of projects to document existing wrecks in Southern California and to find & identify new wrecks.

Brett Eldridge

I “semi-retired” in 2019 in order to pursue my dreams of diving in wrecks and caves in very remote places. After Covid hit, I started diving almost exclusively “in my own backyard” and I have been amazed at how much I’ve been missing. I’m a beginning photographer but have slowly been working to make my photos and post-processing better. I have picked up photogrammetry and I’m still in the learning phase.

Favorite Quote : “Life is a daring adventure or nothing” by Hellen Keller.

I currently dive primarily with a rebreather made by rEvo (http://http://www.revo-rebreathers.com/). I’m Full Trimix trained on open circuit and closed circuit. I also hold wreck and full cave certifications on my rebreather.

Here are some links to other information about me:

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/beldridg/

Pictures: https://wreckedinmyrevo.myportfolio.com/ (not actively maintained)

Tyler Stalter

Tyler has been technical diving since a very early age and has always had a passion for wreck diving. He has dove some of the most famous wrecks including the Andrea Doria and the USS Monitor. He lives in San Diego and is always researching and looking for new potential wreck sites to dive.

If it doesn’t involve rust, he doesn’t dive it.

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