Come on in, the water’s fine!

(aka, Diving the A.C.E. Wreck in Dana Point, California)

Top of the ACE Wreck

I finally bought a drysuit (SF Tech) and have been building my experience in cold water diving here in Southern California. Of course, “cold” is relative but I just completed a 90+ minute dive in 57F water and felt great.

I started by shore diving with a single tank to get my weighting, buoyancy, and trim figured out. Then I progressed to NDL rebreather diving and then to “light” deco rebreather diving and then finally to relatively serious diving with two bailout cylinders and my rEvo rebreather on 90 minute dives to 165 fsw.

This past weekend I was testing out a number of different configuration changes, including my camera. I went out to dive the A.C.E. wreck with Beach Cities Scuba ( on the Riviera and thought I would post a few of the photos.

There are more photos available at

For those who care, the pictures are taken with a Panasonic LX-10 with a Nauticam housing and two Big Blue VTL 8000 lights.

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