Wall Diving in Grand Cayman

Following my KISS Crossover course, I stuck around for 4 days of (deep) wall diving in Grand Cayman with the DiveTech team (https://www.divetech.com/) and participated in one of their Tech Weekends (https://www.divetech.com/techweekends).

It was a great time and I highly recommend diving with them when you are in Grand Cayman for either recreational or technical diving. The team is fantastic, fun, and they know what they are doing.

Back on board after a 2.5 hour deep wall dive with my rEvo (Photo by Tony Land @ DiveTech)

The deep walls on Grand Cayman are fascinating. When using a light (or strobe from a camera), you can really see the amazing colors:

About 180-200′ deep on the wall enjoying the silence (Photo by Tony Land @ DiveTech)

There are really steep drop-off sites. This is a site with a sand chute that ends at about 185′ deep and is near the famous Kittiwake wreck:

At the edge of the abyss in Grand Cayman (Photo by Tony Land @ Divetech)

The sponges are amazing. Here are a few photos I took while there. I only had my GoPro Hero 7 camera so the quality of the photos is somewhat limited but it will give you an idea of what you can see deep on the walls in Grand Cayman:

And, of course, I can’t go anywhere without finding a wreck to dive and, in this case, we “stumbled upon” the Kittiwake during our deco. 🙂

Inside the Kittiwake

More photos and a movie or two with swim throughs can be seen at https://wreckedinmyrevo.myportfolio.com/grand-cayman-deep-walls.

Safe diving and happy travels.

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