Gaining a new Perspective on the UB88

On my second dive on the UB88 on August 3, I was with Drew Wilson. Our plan was for me to shine two really bright 15k lumen lights on the wreck as I took pictures and then Drew would swim off in the distance and take pictures without any artificial light. This would achieve two goals: (1) reduce or eliminate any backscatter from the flash or video light and (2) give an interesting perspective on the ship and the size.

I think they are, by far, the best wide angle photos I have seen of the UB88. If you want to see more of Drew’s photos or buy prints, then here is his photography site.

Kudos & thanks to Drew for allowing me to use the photos.

Me hovering over the conning tower
The four forward torpedo tubes
You can see the conning tower in the background and I’m illuminating the gun mount
The conning tower
Me at the stern. You can see the single torpedo tube and the “ghost nets” floating
You can see the external hull and the internal hull in this picture along with the “ghost net” and the white metridiums at the top of the net

And this picture doesn’t have a diver in it for scale, but is just an incredible shot of the four torpedo tubes at the bow that you can see me illuminating in one of the pictures above.

Torpedo tubes at the bow

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