Building Better rEvo “Travel” Tank Fixation Brackets


There are essentially two “mainstream” options for attaching tanks to a rEvo rebreather:


These are the traditional brackets that are “semi-permanent.” You can obviously unscrew the brackets and remove the tanks, but it isn’t quick (or easy) to do that and then get them re-installed, aligned correctly, etc.

By the way, if you use these, you should definitely get a 7mm Nut Driver. It is a TON easier than a screwdriver.

These are useful if you have a static set of tanks that you fill, dive and then remove the tank & bracket to re-fill.

rEvo “Travel”

rEvo developed these and started selling them a couple of years ago and then work well.

As the name indicates, they are great for traveling divers or divers that have multiple tanks at home and switch them in and out.

The Limitation

The “permanent” brackets are rock-solid and tanks stay put and never budge. The travel brackets work great with 2L steel tanks. However, I found that they are a bit too “wobbly” for my liking for the taller 3L steel tank. Having only one attachment point makes them a little too insecure for my liking. I have dived with them quite a bit and never had a problem, but I wasn’t a huge fan.

The Solution

While diving with Mike Hall on a rebreather live aboard trip to the Revillagigedo Islands a few years ago, I noticed that he had tank fixation brackets that had TWO cam bands. It turns out that he had made them himself with the help of a friend who welded a few bits together.

I think Don Six made similar brackets for a while but they don’t appear to be listed on his website anymore. Don posted this in June 2017 to the Rebreatherworld Forum: “Here is what I am doing. You supply the original tank brackets, 8 tri glides, and pay shipping both ways. I will do the fabrication and welding for $40 per set.”

Mike did something similar for mine. I supplied the parts and he had them welded by his buddy and sent them back. I’ve been diving them for 3+ years all over the world and absolutely think they are best tank brackets ever!

In case you want to try to build something similar, here is a list of parts I bought:

Here are a few pictures of them and a picture with them on my unit with 3L steel tanks:

Here are a couple close-up photos of the welds that a few people have asked for:

10 thoughts on “Building Better rEvo “Travel” Tank Fixation Brackets

  1. Brett,
    I am going to put together a set of the cylinder mounts with the dual cam bands like you posted.
    If possible would you please send me an image of the welded setup without the strap installed so I could get a clearer picture of it befor welding the parts together.

    Thank you in advance,
    Michael Akers

    1. Hi Michael,

      Right now, my unit is completely assembled and tested for a dive on Tuesday so I don’t want to take it apart but I’ll try to take some pictures and send them later in the week.

  2. Hi Brett,
    Thanks for the detailed blog about the improved tank straps.
    I too would like to see the welded setup below the straps.
    Thank you!

  3. That’s great, thanks Brett.
    One last question, were there any welds done underneath the steel sliders?

    1. Well, my rEvo is loaded in the car for a 275′ dive tomorrow on an unknown target so I can’t really easily check. However, I really doubt it since it would probably prevent mounting the bracket on the frame.

  4. Very nice- I’m guessing the 12 sliders were 3 for each cam band? One each welded to the bracket (and bent), and the third non-welded and threaded between them?

    1. Hmmm. I just went and checked and it only has two per cam band (the bent ones on either side). I’m not sure why I listed the quantity as 12. It might be because I wanted extras in case a couple didn’t get bent correctly. I think it actually only needs 8.

    2. Oh, wait. Now I see what I did.

      I bought 8 of the thinner sliders and 4 of the heavy duty ones. I used the thin ones to bend and weld to the bracket and the thick one in between. You can see that in the pictures.

      So, either way, you need a total of 12.

      – brett

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