The “Unknown Sailboat” off Point Loma (205 fsw)

The plan was to locate and dive a(nother) “virgin” Corsair that Tyler Statler had some coordinates for that is about 230′ deep. We motored around on the Marissa and couldn’t locate it on the sonar system. It obviously hadn’t been moved — but it was definitely playing hide-and-go-seek. 🙂 After all, a Corsair is a TINY object in a very large ocean and it originally had appeared to be in a “divot” so the amount of relief off the ocean floor is very minimal.

After a bunch of passes, we gave up and went to another location that Tyler knew about. It was a sailboat that, as far as we know, nobody had ever been diving on. We didn’t know how it got there, which sailboat it was, or even whether it was wood or fiberglass. All we knew was that it was a sailboat in about 205 feet of water.

Justin Judd and I suited up to dive the “virgin” wreck.

There was basically no current whatsoever and the down line dropped straight down to the site. It was a fiberglass hull sailboat with no mast, no engine, etc. It had a few things inside the cockpit, but was pretty barren. It also lacked any registration numbers or names on the hull. It started to have some coral growth and was home to plenty of fish.

I took a bunch of pictures to start working on my photogrammetry skills. I’ll try to process those photos in the Agisoft Metashape software over the next week or so and see how that works out. The initial pass didn’t work so well but I need to spend more time on it.

In the meantime, the search for the Corsair continues…

Below are some photos of the “unknown sailboat” which is now a home to fish.

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