Photogrammetry – Part 2

Tyler and I dove a cool Corsair wreck last week (I’ll post photos & the story soon) and I didn’t shoot pictures for a photogrammetry model but figured I had enough of them to see what it would look like if I massaged them and put them into the software.

It worked out pretty well!

I didn’t take enough photos of the back of the engine near the supercharger gears to include that in the model and I was missing some photos near the sand, but overall it turned out well.

Here is a raw (no white-balance, etc) photo of the overall engine for comparison:

Below are screen captures of some different angles of the model.

Next Up: UB-88 model

It is probably a pretty big leap and I might start with just the bow torpedo tubes and possibly the conning tower, but my next project is to build a model of the UB-88. I’m planning to do the dives & shoot the photos on 10/29.

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