Photogrammetry – Part 3 (UB88 Project Dive 1/2)

Intro / Background

After diving the UB88 wreck a number of times and also starting to delve into photogrammetry, I decided to combine both of these into a rather large project: Build a realistic 3D Photogrammetry model of the entire UB88 wreck.

This project represents a number of challenges — starting with the fact that the wreck is in 190′ of water. Decompression obligations start to rack up quickly after 20 minutes on the wreck.

In addition, I’m definitely a “newbie” in the area of photogrammetry and I’m still trying to “learn-by-doing” and making mistakes in not getting photographs of key angles, etc.

This past week I did my first two dives on the UB-88 with the goal of completing the torpedo tubes in the bow and the conning tower. We also wanted to take some more natural light photos by Drew of me on the wreck (see below photo) so I was posing in addition to shooting. We completed two 90 minute dives with about 25 minutes on the wreck and about an hour of decompression on each. I probably completed about 75% of what I wanted to do for these two dives.

Here is a picture of me by Drew Wilson while I’m working on the port side torpedo tubes:

Photographing the port side torpedo tubes (Photo Credit: Drew Wilson)

This is primarily due to a few key missing photos that won’t allow me to combine the port and starboard sides of the torpedo tubes. In addition, I didn’t get some key angles on the conning tower.

Below are links to the models that I’ve posted on-line for people to play with along with some photos.

NOTE: Each of the section titles has a link to the actual on-line model at Sketchfab. Go play with them on-line yourself!!!

Port Side Bow Torpedo Tubes – 162 Photos

These are the most complete section of the wreck that I have photographed.

Starboard Side Bow Torpedo Tubes – 56 Photos

Conning Tower – 144 Photos

Next Steps

I think I need 5-6 more dives to really build a complete model of the sub. Here is the general plan:

Dive 3 – Finish sections to build a complete torpedo tube / bow model

Dive 4 – Finish the conning tower and bow sections up to the torpedo tube

Dive 5 – Aft section behind the conning tower

Dive 6 – Ghost net

Dive 7 – Ghost net <-> sub interface

Dive 8 – Cleanup any remaining gaps

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    1. Yep. I didn’t quite get as much as I wanted but made some good progress and learned some lessons. There was a bow to stern current which meant I had to “swim out” and then come back in to get certain parts and that messed me up and I didn’t get enough photos to “join” certain parts.

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