Blue Cavern (Catalina — 70fsw) & Mola Mola!

As we were slowly making our way back along the wall when, what to my wondering eyes should appear… but a miniature mola mola!

Sorry, ’tis the season and I just had to get that in there on the night before Christmas. 🙂

Finally, my first mola mola (aka Sunfish) spotting and a baby one at that!



Brett diving on a reef/wall/cavern? No rusted metal in sight? Something must be wrong…

Yes folks, in what could quite possibly be my last dive of 2020 — the year that will go down in infamy — I did a dive without any rusted metal in sight. In fact, other than a few shore dives in Laguna Beach, I believe this is my ONLY dive of 2020 that didn’t involve a wreck. 🙂

After diving the Piper Wreck, Santiago and I dropped in on a beautiful site called Blue Cavern. There are a couple caverns along a wall. They aren’t very deep (50-70 feet or so) and they are truly caverns and not caves, but the dive site was beautiful. Visibility was nice and we had a fun time puttering around in the caverns and then swam along the wall through forests of kelp and then back along the wall and to the boat. I’ve been looking for a mola mola for years (I even spent three days in Bali diving specifically with that goal) and finally saw one.

Below are some pictures of the caverns and the beautiful kelp forests. Enjoy. I sure did.

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