Infidel Photogrammetry Model (Catalina — 150 fsw)

After doing some searching for targets and doing a dive on an unknown boat near Hamilton Cove (more on that in another post), I figured it might be fun to go dive the Infidel. The last time I was there was July of 2020. We had such great visibility on the first dive of the day over by Avalon that I figured the Infidel might be a good choice. I was wrong. The visibility was not nearly as good with even more plankton in the water.

Here is a picture that illustrates the amount of plankton:

Given the amount of plankton, I figured I should just try to shoot a couple photos using my new Keldan lights, but spend most of the dive trying to see if I could get photos for a photogrammetry model. It turned out “okay.” I didn’t get enough photos near the top of the bridge so it isn’t crisp and I still haven’t figure out how to deal with masts so those are not really part of the model.

But, you can definitely tell that it is the Infidel.

Below are a few stills I shot near the end and then a link to the model and some screenshots of the model. The Keldan lights are definitely very nice and they don’t have any sharp edges. Very uniform light. Try to ignore all the plankton that got reflected back in the light.

Infidel Bridge
Front view of the Infidel bridge

Photogrammetry Model

The link to the model on Sketchfab is below:

Screenshots of the model are below:

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