Jellyfish Lake (Eli Malk Island, Palau)

Pardon the interruption from my normal wreck diving posts. I’m diving in Palau and hope to get a few wreck dives in and possibly a cave or two, but in the meantime…

Jellyfish Lake is a very interesting spot. A lot of Palau is limestone and the lake itself is connected to the ocean via some fissures and tunnels. However, it is mostly isolated from the ocean. Hence, the jellyfish here are different from most other relatives in the nearby ocean lagoons. The most remarkable aspect is that they don’t have any predators and therefore don’t really have toxic venoms so you can swim with them.

There are two types of jellyfish in the lake: the golden jellyfish and the moon jellyfish.

The Wikipedia article referenced below has a ton of addition information. I thought I would post some pictures of these amazing creatures. If you are ever in Palau, I highly recommend a trip to Jellyfish Lake. It is snorkeling only so no scuba knowledge or gear required!



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  1. Wait… this is not a wreck… what did you do with Brett?!? It even goes against the title of the blog!

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