HMS Covid (Malta — 0 fsw)

There is a new wreck in Malta — the HMS Covid. It sailed into port and “wrecked” my trip.

Covid Test Results – 24 June

I woke up yesterday morning not feeling quite right but did two deep-ish dives. They went well but I did notice myself breathing harder than usual (not to the point of over-breathing my scrubber, but noticeable). I had a box of Covid tests in my dive bag so I decided to play it safe and tested before the dive today. It very rapidly showed up as positive so I’m now self quarantining until I test negative and can travel home.

Luckily I got four days of amazing diving but I will miss the next four planned days. I was vaccinated and boosted and was very careful to wear a mask – but still got it. I’m not sure where or how. Given that my symptoms started to show up ~ 3-4 days after I landed in Malta, I’m guessing the flights — but we’ll never know.

I don’t feel terribly bad. I slept most of today and stated looking into food delivery apps for Malta but I’m hoping I kick this thing quickly.

It had to happen sooner or later. Stay safe.

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