Dumped Sailboat (Pt Loma, CA — 200 fsw)

This is a short post to document another new wreck target we dove recently.

On 10 June 2022, while searching for targets (which ultimately led to finding the F8F Bearcat) one of the targets turned out to be a sailboat. Based on the condition of the wreck, I believe that it was probably abandoned and maybe sunk purposefully. I didn’t notice any normal debris in the wreck (plates, cups, small outboard motor, sail, rigging, etc.) other than one cup out in the sand. The other target that day turned out to be another abandoned airplane that I will also document. I took a little time to look at the stern and scrubbed it a bit to see if I could find a name but did not.

In case anybody wants to explore it, the coordinates are 32 35.617 N, 117 16.162 W (map below).

Included below are numerous photos of the wreck. I’ve been working on wide angle, natural light photography to get a picture of the entire wreck when the conditions allow it.

In this case, visibility deep was really good (not so much shallow on that day). However, the amount of light is very limited so you need to slow the shutter speed, open the aperture, and boost ISO up which results in some “grainy-ness” in the photos but they do give a good sense of the wreck.

Here are some pictures (note that I don’t spend a ton of time on photography for targets like this):

Natural light picture (1/30th, f 6.3, ISO 1600 – Boosted 2.8 stops in LightRoom)

Below is a collage of other photos

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