HMS Southwold L-10 Bow (Malta — 215 fsw)

I previously detailed the history of the Southwold wreck so I won’t repeat that. The bow section is about 300m / 1000 feet away from the stern section and is relatively deep so it really requires a second, separate dive.

Below is a composite image from the original post as a reference (stern is on the left, bow on the right):

Southwold Composite Image

The bow is the larger of the two section and rests on her starboard side. Even though it is larger, I found the stern section more interesting. On the bow section, the highlights include the massive gun and the majesty of the bow itself from afar. I took a number of pictures of the bow with and without a diver as a size reference. I also post-processed some in black and white which is classic treatment for a wreck, especially an old one.

Similar to the stern section, I have included a screenshot of the photogrammetry model produced by the Department of Classics and Archaeology – Malta. The numbers on the screenshot are references for the photos below. On this dive, I did a lot more natural light photography.

Photo reference diagram

Photo 1 : Bow section from the port side when we first got to the wreck

Photo 2 : Bow close up photo

Photo 3 : Forward twin-turret QF-4in Mk VXI guns.

I took quite a bit of wide angle and some detail photos of the guns since they are one of the main sights on this wreck. Note that John is in the background on the top left photo which gives a sense of scale.

Photo 4 : Collapsed Superstructure

This either collapsed due to the impact when the bow hit the bottom or just over time as it weakened. Note that you can see this superstructure in the top-left photo of the guns above (again, with John next to it for scale).

Photo 5 : Lifeboat davit behind the 4 inch guns in the background towards the bow

Photo 6 : Natural light photo looking towards the front of the bow section

Photo 7 : Another natural light photo of the bow section from the front (the dropline is in the foreground)

Photo 8 : Natural light photo of the bow close-up with John above it as we come back to the downline for our ascent.

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