The cheapest rebreather accessory you will ever buy…

The rEvo rebreather has a nice “bar” across the top to facilitate carrying the unit and securing it to the boat. I’ve seen people use all kinds of different methods to secure their rEvo to the boat. They include bungees around the 3L tanks that stick up (which doesn’t seem all that secure to me), to a bungee cord strapped to a railing, to cable clamps like these, to just about everything else.

Those methods all work to one degree or another.

However, I have personally found that the best way to secure my rEvo to the boat is to use an adjustable Molle strap similar to the one in the picture below. The benefits are that it is long enough for just about any situation and it is very easy to adjust and really cinch down the strap for rough or long ocean crossings. I’ve used mine on crossings to Socorro, to Bikini Atoll, etc. and it has never failed.

As you can probably tell, mine has been used a LOT given how faded it is from the original bright orange. I think I’ve had it for 4-5 years.

The best part of this invaluable rebreather accessory? $9.95 for two of them! The cheapest rebreather accessory you will ever buy!

I usually have an extra one or two for a trip and hand them out to other rEvo divers.

Molle Strap

Whatever you use, make sure you secure your rebreather to something so that it doesn’t fall over on the deck or the floor when you are assembling it!

4 thoughts on “The cheapest rebreather accessory you will ever buy…

  1. I use an old harness buckle that was laying around and a scrap of 2″ webbing left over from making a harness. Makes into a belt that works as a weight belt and also a rEvo Retainer. For, basically, free.

  2. I just use an old weight belt as well, however, I need one that is a bright color. There have been many times that I try to stand up, to get off the boat and realize I’m still locked in.

    1. Haha. Yeah, I’ve done that as well (even with bright colored straps).

      I’ve also used a weight belt in the past but I like the thinner, more flexible strap with the buckle better.

      – brett

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