Poll: 3 Day Southern California Photogrammetry Workshop

I was out diving yesterday in San Diego on the Marissa and some of the other divers were really interested in the photogrammetry projects I’m currently working on. It got me to thinking that maybe I should hold a class / workshop on photogrammetry here in Southern California.

Before I go too far down the rabbit hole, I’d like to determine if there is enough demand for it. 

The class would be in-person and would likely be three days long and would include two dives. I would probably limit the class to four participants (especially in the first few sessions) to ensure a lot of interactivity and discussion.

Day 1 would be lecture and would include photogrammetry basics, getting the software installed and running (trial license), photogrammetry build process and then build a sample model from a land-based project.

Day 2 would be a boat day (likely San Diego on the Marissa) with two dives to practice photography 

Day 3 would be building models of the previous day and also tips / tricks with the software

I would need to charge people a fee but I’m not looking to make a living out of it. 

Class prerequisites would be a working underwater camera setup (I have some equipment I can lend people if needed), experience taking underwater photos, and a laptop running Mac, Linux, or Microsoft.

So, my question is would people want to attend the class? Is there enough interest in learning photogrammetry from a “hands-on” perspective. I feel like I have enough experience at this point to really help accelerate other people who would like to get into this area of photography.

If there is enough demand, I’ll start working on planning and let people know.


5 thoughts on “Poll: 3 Day Southern California Photogrammetry Workshop

  1. As a prerequisite, what kind of camera gear is necessary? Would a GoPro work? What kind of PC is necessary to crunch the data?

    1. I have actually built a model with GoPro photos (it was in clear waters in Hawaii with natural light):


      So, yes, it is definitely possible. I would recommend using artificial light with it, but it should work just fine.

      In terms of processing, it really depends upon the number of photos and the “quality” of the model you want to build. For people starting out, any desktop / laptop from the past 5 years or so should be fine. It is GPU intensive for some parts of the process so if your system has a GPU, it will help but not needed.

      – brett

  2. Hey Brett,

    What scuba experience should we have prior to this class? Would you consider Open Circuit, Air, Recreational (130ft/40m) limits, No Deco training acceptable?

    1. Hi,

      Good question.

      All dives will be recreational, no deco dives. The dives will likely be on the Yukon (100-ish feet to the sand, 65-ish to the starboard edge) or the Ruby E. I think Lora / Marissa might require advanced open water (or equivalent) for Yukon dives but I’m not 100% sure on that.

      I’d recommend Nitrox 32 just to give yourself some more bottom time for the photos, but air would also be fine.

      Does that help?


      – brett

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