Long Beach Scuba Show Presentation (4 Jun 2023 @ 11am)

I will be presenting at the Long Beach Scuba Show about some of the new wrecks that Tyler Stalter and I have discovered and identified over the past three years in Southern California.

The show is on 3-4 June (Sat / Sun) and takes place at the Long Beach Convention Center. My presentation is at 11am on Sunday.

I will also be in the presentation by Faith Ortins on “Exploration Diving: What It Is … And What Isn’t It?” at 1pm-2pm on Sunday.

Information on my presentation is below:

I’d love to see you all there!

4 thoughts on “Long Beach Scuba Show Presentation (4 Jun 2023 @ 11am)

  1. Both presentations are prime time. Very nice, Brett. Will anyone be taking pics or video of your presentation and audience interaction?

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