Shearwater “Live” Deco Plan

I have been asking for a while for Shearwater to implement a feature that would show the required decompression profile. I even spoke to numerous people at Shearwater who commented that “yes, that would be a really good feature to have.”

Little did I (or they) realize, but it has been in the product for quite a while!

There aren’t any screenshots in the manual and not a lot of description on how it works; however, there is one note that I ran across while reading the manual one day:

I had never bothered to look or try to access the “Dive Planner” during a dive. On a recent dive, I went into the Dive Setup -> Dive Planner and, sure enough, it showed my profile:

Next I will explore the “next” settings as I believe it might show gas usage during a bailout scenario since it does that when you plan a dive on the surface.

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