San Clemente Island Mystery Wreck

I was perusing through various Rebreatherworld posts and ran across one about a “mystery wreck” that had been started back in 2011 timeframe. You probably need a subscription to view the posts, but this is here for me as a reminder.

300′ Deep

Appears to be some kind of sub but then there is evidence from Danny Graham that it is a “squaw” ship that was somehow related to Operation Wigwam. See minutes 7-10 of the film.

Here is the post on Rebreather World:

Here is a quote from Danny about the wreck:

The question still remains, is it Squaw 13 or Sqaw 29? I am 95% sure it is Sqaw 29, which was moored outside San Diego for many years as a sonar target, broke its mooring in late 1977 and was removed in 1978. But, that is the last I have been able to find on it. One guy mentioned seeing it 10 years later in a yard in San Pedro.

The Sqaw 13 was damaged during the initial tests and towed 500 miles before it broke tow and sank. They were headed for Catalina Island when that happened.

There is a small chance, and I do mean small that this is Sqaw 13. If it is, the Navy would like to have it back.

Would really like to get back and do some more checking on the numbers that John and Phil got video of. I saw those on my dive, but didn’t have enough time to investigate.

Danny Graham on Rebreather World, dated 10 June 2011

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