Replacing the standard rEvo Weight Pouch

The rEvo rebreather comes with a standard weight pouch on the top bracket. Most people put weights up there to help with trim. It can hold up to about 2 x 4lb weights in two pockets.

It generally works pretty well; however, I have found that sometimes a weight will actually fall out and this can really suck. It seems like the velcro system just doesn’t hold the weights in very well.

After having weight mishaps a couple times, I went in search for an alternate solution. I took a standard XS Scuba weight belt that has integrated pockets and just ripped out the pockets and zip-tied them onto the metal bracket at the top. I’ve got probably 100+ hours of diving on the unit and I’ve never had a problem.

Here is a picture of the setup:

As you can probably see, there is a bunch of “red rust” as a result of banging around inside of wrecks and it hasn’t once lost a weight!

One thought on “Replacing the standard rEvo Weight Pouch

  1. Before rEvo came out with that weight pocket, this is what we all were doing. Mine was zip-tied in for 10 years of heavy abuse and I never changed the zip ties. I found that running really long zip-ties, length-wise, thru the pouches belt loop was best for me. Added benefit is that you can take your Hud/computer cable and store it weight pocket flaps while cleaning or transporting the unit.

    I miss my rEvo.

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