Eagles Nest / MOD3 Training (290 ffw Florida)

Plan is dive in Sept/Oct 2020 with Mel Clark. Original plan was Jan 2021 but other trips were canceled due to COVID-19 so we moved up the timeline. This is the last rebreather training course I plan to take (with the possible exception of Cave DPV).

Eagles Nest has long been a dream and goal to dive but I always thought it was “out of reach.” It is a somewhat dangerous dive being a cave and then compounded with the depth and corresponding deco obligation. Due to deaths during diving, it was closed to diving for a while but was re-opened. In 2018, following the death of a 20 year old diver, new rules were put in place. At least 11 people have died while diving in Eagle’s Nest since 1981.

It is not a particularly restrictive cave and no equipment needs to be removed to complete the dive.

Since I will not be using a DPV, time management will be critical if we want to hit the end of the Room of Dreams section of the cave. I have watched various different videos of divers and based upon the cave maps, I have estimated that it will take me about XX minutes to get to the turn around point.

Some reference videos:

Eagles Nest Cave 2000 feet upstream (Becky Kagan Schott) — Note: I’m not currently planning to go into the upstream tunnel

Eagle’s Nest Cave Dive (Dan Wright) – Scooter dive

Eagles Nest 8/21/18 (Andrew Pitkin) – Scooter dive

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