Grumman Goose Flying Boat (Catalina, 225 fsw)

Quite a story behind this one. Here are two good articles:

Alert Diver Online

Advanced Diver Magazine

Location isn’t widely published. It is in 225 feet of water and is pretty mangled and twisted. According to the article in ADM it is “very close to shore and just east of Avalon Harbor, next to the heliport.” They dove with “SoCal TecDiver’s Club” on the dive boat “Seabass” out of San Pedro (which doesn’t appear to be in business anymore). Recommend two dives to fully explore the wreck.

According to ADM “Photographically, she’s a tough one. Other than the propellers, there isn’t much that looks ‘aircrafty.’ The fuselage is so badly twisted that only a very small angle looks like she once belonged in the air.”

Video Links:

Grumman Goose Seaplane Wreck by Anton Kozhevnikov

Pictures (dates unknown, from the articles mentioned above):

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