UB88 Photogrammetry Project – Dive 3 (Torpedo Tubes)


I’ve been learning photogrammetry skills and software. I still need to publish my model of the TBM Avenger but that is going to take more work.

In the meantime, I was able to conduct my 3rd and 4th dive on the UB88 this week with the express purpose of working on the 3D model. These were what I would call “working dives” in that I had specific mission objectives for each of the dives and didn’t spend any time just enjoying the wreck.

I had previously done quite a few dives on the wreck but two of them had been for the purpose of photographs for the model. Those dives resulted in 3 models which didn’t quite “fit” together as I missing some key transition photographs. I had the port and starboard torpedo tubes along with the conning tower. If you look at those models linked in the previous post you can see that they have missing pieces.

I had two primary objectives for these two dives:

  1. Dive 3 – Finish photos of the torpedo area to build a complete model, including the broken off section at the very front and to “piece together” the two sides. Also, “fill in the blanks” on the conning tower. I.e., at the completion of this dive, I should have full models of two primary identifiable features.
  2. Dive 4 – Start working on the aft torpedo tube and the “ghost net.” I’ll cover the results of this dive in another post.

Dive 3 – Torpedo Tubes (320 Pictures)

Fortunately, I was able to get the photos necessary to “stitch together” the two tubes and get a good portion of the nose cone. Below is a complete model. Note that the white balance between the two different sets of photos is not the same and so some of them are higher temperature and some are lower. I will “fix” this eventually.

Click HERE to access the 3D Model on Sketchfab.com.

Here are some screen captures of the model:

What’s Next?

Next up, I will work on the conning tower to see if I was able to fill in the gaps and possibly connect the conning tower and front deck together with the torpedo tubes.

I will also work on the model for the aft torpedo tube and ghost net.

Stay tuned!

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