Presentation : Deep Wreck Photography

I was contacted earlier this year and asked to give a presentation to the Orange County Underwater Photographic Society on some of the shipwrecks and airplane wrecks in Southern California.

Since it was a group of photographers, I developed a presentation about some of the challenges of taking photos on Southern California wreck dives that are deep and cold. There are some unique challenges including limited bottom time, a lot of particulate matter in the water, and often dark conditions that are adverse to photos, etc. — not to mention that many times the site is a target and I have no idea what we are going to find.

I am making this presentation available for others to view and hopefully learn about some of the wrecks in SoCal and maybe get some tips about taking photos in this environment.

Some of the slides in this presentation are about using photogrammetry as a tool. I ended up returning a couple months later and gave an in-depth presentation on photogrammetry and I will also publish.

Please let me know if you enjoyed the presentation and/ or if you have any feedback.

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