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I have decided to offer a three-day Photogrammetry Workshop. If there is enough demand, I will offer it multiple times during 2023.

During the workshop, students will learn to take photos for a model and will build multiple models (both land based and under water) using Metashape software. The goal of the workshop is for students to learn the skills necessary to build their own models. Students will receive an electronic version of the class materials for future reference.

Included below are prerequisites, suggested equipment, tentative dates, costs, and the detailed agenda.

There is a signup form at the end.

Given the unpredictable conditions during the time of year for the first class (January 2023), I’m going to recommend local divers only so that if we need to “make up” the dive day, it won’t require extra travel and expenses.

This first class will be limited to four students.


Fri, Jan 20th 2023 – Sun, Jan 22nd 2023


$1,050 per student

Note: The “standard” price of the class is $1,250/student but I am providing a discount for the first “beta” class.

Note: This does not include the cost of the dives on the second day which will be booked directly with Marissa Dive Charters (plan on about $150)

Diving Prerequisites:

On the dive day (Sat, Jan 20) we will conduct one dive on the Yukon and one dive on the Ruby E (or possibly two dives on the Yukon). During each dive, students will each pick a specific area or object on the wreck to focus on for the model. The Yukon is 105′ to the sand and the Ruby E is about 85′ deep.

All diving will be planned no decompression diving. Students can dive either open circuit or closed circuit — whichever they are more comfortable with.

Students should be comfortable diving from a boat in cold water 50-60F (January in San Diego) with some current or surge. A drysuit is not required but recommended. Both dive sites have mooring lines.

Camera and Computer Equipment:

Students should be comfortable taking photos underwater before taking this class and already have a camera, housing, lighting, etc. I will spend time discussing specific photo challenges for photogrammetry, but you should already know about the basics of underwater photography.

Most cameras/housings will work. If you have a GoPro, then I recommend using stills and not video. I also recommend using video lights and not strobes since you will be potentially taking a lot of photos, but strobes will work if they have a quick recycle time and reasonable number of flashes per charge (300+). Most of my photogrammetry models are shot with an APS-C camera (Sony a6300).

I have some video lights and other assorted camera equipment I can loan students if needed.

We will be using the software to build models during the class so you will need a laptop. Most laptops produced within the past 3+ years should work okay with smaller (~ 500 photos or less) models on medium accuracy/quality models). The software (Agisoft Metashape) works on MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Laptops with a graphics processor will be faster.

As a data point, my original Yukon bow gun model consists of 359 photos and I built it on a MacBook Pro from 2021 and the whole process took 16 minutes for alignment, 28 minutes for the model, and 5 minutes for the texture for a total of 49 minutes.


Day 1: Friday January 20, 2023 – Classroom Day

We will meet in a classroom in the Southern California area. I am currently working on selecting the location but it will be between south Orange County and San Diego.

  1. Software installation and 30-day trial license activation
  2. Underwater Photography for Photogrammetry
    • Lighting
    • Photos (RAW vs JPG, Storage, etc.)
    • Tips and Tricks
  3. Photogrammetry Model Build Process
    • Live demo
  4. Students will build a model of at least one land based object
    • Take photos
    • Build the model
    • Troubleshooting
    • Display models
  5. Setup Sketchfab
    • Upload sample model

Day 2: Saturday January 21, 2023 – Dive Day

Meet at the Marissa in San Diego and conduct two dives. Given the size of the wrecks, I will work with each of the students prior to diving to pick one (or two) specific structures on each wreck to build a model (e.g., Stern Guns on the Yukon).

I will be in the water with the students rotating around to help with any issues.

We usually leave the dock at 8am and return around 1pm.

Day 3: Sunday January 22, 2023 – Classroom Day

Reconvene in the classroom. The primary objective will be to build the two models and share our results with each other and post them on-line (if desired).

  1. Build Model 1
  2. Build Model 2
  3. Students Present Models & discuss lessons learned
  4. Advanced Topics
    • Post-processing photos
    • Finding and Correcting mistakes
    • Wrap Up and Q&A

Sign Up

If you want to take the class, please fill out the form below. I will be asking for a $250 deposit to reserve your spot with the remainder due three weeks before the class.

Class Limit: 4 Students

Additional classes in 2023 based on demand. Follow-up mentoring and help will be available at an hourly rate.

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  1. Hi, Brett:

    Although it’s unclear how many are actually certified divers in a position to take advantage of it, I’d be happy to post your offer on my ‘Citizen Scientists of the Ocean’ page on FB. We have 14,5K members–I think it’s worth a shot. Thanks for all the pioneering work you’re doing in Photogrammetry.

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