DEMA 2023 Presentation | The Darkest Hours

I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t posted much lately but I have a ton of updates I’ll be working on getting posted.

The first is a quick announcement that I will be co-presenting at the annual Dive Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) show this year in New Orleans. This presentation should be quite interesting….

The presentation will be Wednesday, 15 Nov @ 3-3:45pm


Back in August 2022, I was in Palau on a wreck diving expedition and literally got trapped inside an upside-down Japanese oil tanker, the IJN Sata, with three other divers. We were stuck inside for about 3 hours and were rescued by fellow divers.

I have privately told a few people about the incident but have largely kept it private until we were all ready to tell the tale of this time-critical rescue mission. I will also be publishing a very detailed blog post after the presentation. The blog post will provide a minute-by-minute account of the dive and give my perspective.

I will be co-presenting at DEMA with Aron Arngrimsson, Antti Apunen, and Geoff Creighton. We will provide background on the dive, a timeline of what happened, and lessons learned. We will also be video recording the event for people who cannot attend or make the session. Below is from the email from Aron @ Dirty Dozen Expeditions that went out a few weeks ago.

I’m looking forward to the presentation and giving some insights into how it felt to be trapped along with the lessons that we all learned from it. I hope to see everybody there. I’ll send links after the video of the presentation is posted.

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