HCMS Yukon (DDE 263) Photogrammetry Model – Dive 2


This is a report on the results from the second dive in my project to build a photogrammetry model of the Yukon which is about 105 feet deep off Mission Bay, San Diego. The first dive resulted in about the back 30-40% of the stern completed.

For this dive, I had planned to map more of the deck through the bridge section (which is a bit complicated due to the fact that is has partially collapsed) and maybe some of the bow gun. I got that done but completed primarily the “lower half” of the deck (the wreck lays on her port side). I continue to believe that the starboard edge is going to be hard due to the currents that flow up and over that “lip” of the wreck.

Here is a “low quality” model of the results after the second dive:

I then had an interesting idea. I had used the same camera at the same focal length to create my model of the guns on the forward section of the wreck.

In the above screen capture, you can see the lower portion of the guns towards the bow but not the other parts. I thought there might be enough coverage to “graft” my previous photos onto the full model.


Screenshots & Model

I’m hoping to be able to do the same thing with the propeller and rudder that I built the model for last year.

Below are some screenshots of the current model (version 3 as I’m calling it given that version 2 was after dive 2 and then I “grafted” the guns to create version 3). I’ve also included a link to the online model.

You can clearly see the collapsed portions of the bridge and smokestack that happened 12-18 months ago. I also noticed that the guns on the stern and bow look different. I need to look into that.

Next Steps

I plan to start working on the starboard side of the deck to finish the entire deck. I hope to get that done in a single dive but that is a pretty agressive goal. We’ll see. I’m also thinking that the seaweed that is on the starboard side will interfere with trying to get consistent photos but time will tell.

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