“Wilshire” Wreck (Santa Monica Bay — 170 fsw)


After I dove the Boys Club to do the final identification, we had a few other targets to look at. One of them was a couple miles away and labeled on Ray’s system as “Wilshire” so I figured I should check it out and document it.

I got down on the wreck and it looked like it had been down a while. Similar to a few other wrecks I have dove in the past, the cabin section was off to the side and upside down. It was a twin engine vessel with the engines still in the hull but the deck stripped off — again, similar to another wreck that I dove.

Since the wreck wasn’t that large (maybe 30 feet long), I decided to spend some time and take pictures for a photogrammetry model. The visibility was great and the conditions were nice. The model consists of 500 photographs.

After the dive, I started to research for wrecks named “Wilshire” and couldn’t find anything. A bit frustrated, I got in touch with Ray to see what he knew about this “Wilshire” wreck. He laughed and said they named it “Wilshire” because it was straight out from Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica!

Another relatively unknown wreck documented!

Photos & Photogrammetry Model

Below are some still pictures that I took from the set of photogrammetry pictures (so the composition isn’t great) and some screenshots of the model and a link to the model on Sketchfab. The inside of the front of the hull was a bit dark and I didn’t get any good pictures looking up so there are some blank spots. I’ll need to remember that for similar shaped structures for the next time.


Some photos of the wreck that were used in the photogrammetry model. Some parts of the wreck had the beautiful strawberry anemones on it and the bow was very picturesque. I wish I had dive partner for off-board lighting and some wide angle pictures. You can see how great the visibility was and how blue the water was in a few of these pictures.

Twin Engines
Engine Closeup
Starboard stern corner
View from the cabin to the bow
View from the cabin to the stern

Photogrammetry Model Screenshots

Top-down view of the photogrammetry model (note the cabin off to the bottom and upside down)

Some more detailed screenshots and other views of the wreck:

Photogrammetry Model

Below is a link to the 3D model posted to Sketchfab.

Thanks To…

A big thanks to Ray and Kyaa at Sundiver. Ray has what seems like an endless supply of new targets to dive and Kyaa always gets the drop perfect. The downline was literally five feet away from the wreck! It makes my job easy.

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